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What is spray foam?
Spray foam or SPF is a spray-applied material that is widely used to insulate in air seal buildings making the buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable. According to the Department of Energy, 40% of a building’s heating and cooling energy may be lost to air infiltration making energy use unnecessarily high. For solving this problem we can easily use SPF. SPF is air impermeable so it is a highly effective solution in reducing unwanted air infiltration.

How does SPF work?
SPF is unique because it’s applied on-site as a liquid allowing it to form and extend to cover surfaces creating a seamless barrier that fills gaps holes and air leaks.
SPF is most commonly used as:
1. A wall cavity insulation
2. An air barrier helping to seal a structure
3. Low-slope roofing systems on commercial buildings or residential homes with low sloped roofs
4. A sealant for windows doors and other small cracks gaps and holes.
SPF is a great product that maximizes thermal efficiency because it can serve as an insulation and an air barrier giving a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.