When Should You Remove Old Attic Insulation?

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While you are crawling into your old, dusty attic maybe you ask yourself if your old insulation needs to be removed. Maybe you feel like the dirty insulation becomes useless with age and it does not keep in the warm air as well as it used to or it seems like cool air is easily escaping from your house. Overall your home temperature does not seem right.
According to researches attic insulation last near 90 years, but it does lose effectiveness as its ages. Insulation experts recommend replacing after 15 years to assure it is doing the job you need it to.
Aside from losing effectiveness, there are some other circumstances in which you need to remove the old insulation. Including; fire damage, water damage, or animal that have left urine and droppings in your insulation.
Once you see signs of degradation, it’s important to take initiative and start planning on insulation removal. Removing old insulation and replacing it with new ones will not only rid your home of any rodent infestation and mold but also improve its energy efficiency and air quality.