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Air sealing is the systematic finding and sealing of air leakage points throughout your home, from the attic to the walls to the basement and/or crawlspace. By air sealing the home the amount of humidity that enters will also be reduced, which is a big factor in the comfort level of a home. A drafty house is more than just a waste of natural resources — it also means higher energy bills. You’ll lower energy bills automatically by air sealing due to the fact that there should be fewer leaks in and out of the house. Seal around any holes in the attic floor or roof that have been made to accommodate lights, ceiling and vent fans, plumbing stacks or attic access, etc.

We have the best and most reliable equipment on the market. We make sure that every job is done right from start to finish and that every customer is 100% satisfied. Save big on your heating and cooling costs by finding and eliminating the air leaks in your home. Dr.insulation provides premium insulation services to homeowners in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Our fully licensed, experienced spray foam installers are the best in the business. We’re fully insured and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and leading-edge techniques to ensure every last crack in your home is sealed up tight so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this incredible insulation material.

Give us a call, talk to one of our experts and receive a same-day quotation for residential spray foam insulation.